Tenant Placement: A Guide for Landlords in Lake Havasu, Arizona

Tenant Placement: A Guide for Landlords in Lake Havasu, Arizona

It can be challenging to sift through countless applications after you post an apartment or home for rent. There is no cap on how many applications landlords can receive for an available unit in Arizona. You can easily receive dozens of inquiries from interesting individuals, making it hard to decide who's the best fit for your rental.

Tenant placement services make finding high-quality renters easy and straightforward. This blog will discuss the basics of these services and how a property management company in Lake Havasu can assist.

What Are Tenant Placement Services?

Tenant placement includes the process of locating qualified renters for available properties. These services help landlords avoid needing to deal with going through the list of applicants themselves. There are a few stages involved in tenant placement services.

Get Your Property Ready to Show

Tenant placement services start before you even have potential applicants. Your property needs to be in the best shape possible and ready to show. Some of the tasks a property management company will execute during this stage include:

  • Analyzing the current rental price of your unit
  • Make expert recommendations for price adjustment
  • Installing safety devices
  • Recommended ways to boost the value of your unit

Rental Marketing

Marketing your rental is key to attracting quality tenants. Once the property is ready to rent, the property management company can stage the unit. They'll have professional photos taken that can be used on various rental property websites.

Other marketing tactics that might be employed include:

  • Write a listing that includes features of your unit
  • Post the listing on social media platforms and websites
  • Creating a digital floorplan

Strategically advertising your unit will ensure that the most eyes possible get on your rental.

Showing Your Unit

Tenant placement services include showing your unit to prospective renters. The Property Management Agency will respond to all inquiries regarding your rental. They'll conduct tenant screenings before they schedule appointments to ensure they're bringing high-quality renters onto your property.

During appointments, the property manager will walk through your rental with the prospective applicant. They'll answer any questions they have about your unit. They'll decide if that person meets your requirements and could potentially be a good fit for your unit.

A more thorough check will be conducted once the property management company narrows down its list of interested applicants. Other things that occur during this step include:

  • Background checks
  • Credit check
  • Rental history verification
  • Employment and income verification

Once they decide on who to offer the rental to, they'll work with them to sign the lease and collect rent/deposits.

Explore Our Tenant Placement Services in Lake Havasu

Renting out your property to poor tenants will cost you a lot of money in the long run. Investing in tenant placement is a wonderful way to ease your mind and keep high-quality renters in your units. Partnering with an experienced property management agency is key.

PMI Lake Havasu is a full-service property management company in Arizona. Whether you need property staging services or something more comprehensive, we're here to help. Contact our office to schedule a consultation today.