4 Rental Property Marketing Strategies That Work in Lake Havasu, AZ

4 Rental Property Marketing Strategies That Work in Lake Havasu, AZ

Are your Lake Havasu, AZ rental properties starting to collect dust? You'll continue losing money if you don't fill those rental property vacancies! Without a strong marketing strategy, however, renters won't realize they're even available.

Here are four simple property marketing strategies you can use to reach tenants on and offline. With these tips, you can stand out from other listings. Attract tenants to your rental today!

1. Update Property Listings

Dull, outdated rental property listings won't attract potential tenants. Upgrade your listings by hiring a professional photographer. High-quality photos will spark interest.

Have them take wide-angle shots that highlight the rental's unique features. Consider capturing video footage and drone shots.

While updating your listing, don't forget to review the rental descriptions. Add detailed information about the rental, including amenities and unique features. Adding relevant characteristics will help the listing appear in front of ideal renters.

You can use search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure your listing appears for relevant searches. SEO can help your listing appear before others during a search.

Don't forget to consider the rent price. Typical asking rents in the US reached $2,047 on average. That's a 3.2% increase compared to the same time last year.

If your asking rent is too high, you'll scare away potential tenants. If it's too low, you'll lose money. Compare your listings to similar properties in Lake Havasu.

Do research or use dynamic pricing tools to adjust the pricing. If these tactics feel stressful, try using these tips.

2. Create Digital Rental Property Ads

Digital rental property ads can help your listing appear during online searches or on social media platforms.

With Google Ads, you can create text, display, and remarketing ads. Display ads include animations, videos, and photos. Remarketing ads will appear in front of renters who previously visited your property listings.

You can use these ads to generate visibility and traffic to your rentals. Your property management company can help.

3. Invest in Social Media Marketing

There are now over 4.9 billion social media users in the world. Use social media marketing to gain more online visibility. Diversify your content by sharing interactive content (polls and quizzes using Stories) or videos.

Video content generates 1,200% more shares on social media than text and image posts combined. Show off stunning rental property photos and videos to generate interest.

4. Use Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies. Ask your current or previous tenants to post their reviews on your Google Business listing. Their reviews can benefit your local SEO rankings.

Positive reviews can boost your reputation. Make sure to maintain positive relationships with your tenants. Share these reviews on your listings, website, or social media.

Upgrade Your Property Marketing Strategy

A strong property marketing strategy can help you reach new prospective renters. You won't have to worry about your properties remaining vacant. Instead, you can ensure your listing stands out, leading to more applicants.

You don't have to develop your marketing strategy alone. PMI Lake Havasu is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent customer service. Contact us today to discover how we can market your listing and maximize your profitability.